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Red Light Therapy for Wrinkles, Acne & Pain Recovery

LED Red Light Therapy has been the buzz word in Hollywood for the last few years, with fans like A-listers, Michelle Williams and Rachel Weisz. Known as the “Time Machine” they spend thousands of dollars in these skin rejuvenation beds that are in the shape of a tanning bed but REVERSE aging instead of accelerate it. Spending only 40 minutes in the Red Light Bed Treatment at Mzia Shiman Spa in NY will cost you $350! But now you can use the DPL IIA Panel in the comfort of your own home for fractions of the cost.

Developed by NASA and supported by over 40 years of scientific research, it’s now concluded that there are many benefits gained from exposing the skin to this intense red light. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends using LED light therapy to help reverse skin damage. It is now used to treat side effects of cancer treatments and wounded soldiers in the military speeding up wound healing by 200%!

If you are challenged with wrinkles, lines, age spots, puffy eyes, dark circles, acne, scars, inflammation, pain, wounds, psoriasis, eczema, edema, insomnia, cold sores, or sinus drainage than this FDA approved, medical grade DPL IIA RED LIGHT THERAPY panel is for you!

This Light Emitting Diode or LED device offers 262 LEDs in FOUR color spectrums: RED, INFRARED, AMBER & BLUE.

RED light waves (64 lights): penetrate deeply into all layers of the skin even to the bone, provide circulation and builds collagen used to repair tissue and PLUMP UP THE SKIN. It also smooths wrinkles and fine lines resulting in a more youthful complexion. It promotes wound healing and pain relief including arthritic pain, back aches, sore joints, pulled muscles, burns, cuts, diabetic wounds, carpal tunnel or post-surgical incisions.

INFRARED light waves (96 lights): The most powerful wavelength combats signs of aging and speeds up the healing process.

AMBER light waves (32 lights): a healing and soothing light that FADE AGE SPOTS, aid in cellular hydration, reduces inflammation from rosacea, peels and post-chemical facial treatments, and calms sun-burns.

BLUE light waves (70 lights): destroys acne causing bacteria, reduces pore size, reduces future acne flare-ups, helps detoxify the skin, DIMINISHES PITTING, calms inflammation, stabilizes oil-producing glands. Blue light treatments in a dermatologist office can run $65 per treatment and they normally recommend twice a week! Now you can do the same treatment at home for fractions of the cost. Studies at Harvard indicate a dose of blue light can also help fight INSOMNIA.

SPECS of DPL IIA Red Light Therapy

• FDA approved Class II Medical Device used professionally by aestheticians, pain clinics, physical therapists, dermatologist, sports medicine physicians, plastic surgeons or for home use by private individuals including the entire family!

• Made with 262 safe Medical grade LED’s that come in FOUR wavelengths: Red, Infrared, , Amber, Blue

• Nanometers of the LED’s include 880, 660-630, 530, 415

• Two sleek panels fold together, open and close.

• Open panels cover 8” x 13” area for treatment on face and body

• Comes with padded storage bag

• Comes with relaxation goggles (usage optional)

• Extra long 10’ 4” AC/DC power cord

• Can be used with 110-240 voltage power source but must purchase adaptor elsewhere.

• One year warranty for parts and labor

• Ships factory direct – Guaranteed new

• Great for travel

• Skin rejuvenation in just 8-15 minutes a day: build new collagen and elastin, smooth wrinkles/lines, fade age spots, reduce puffiness around eyes, reduce dark circles, brighten skin

• Manage pain and wound recovery in just 15 minutes, calm inflammation, arthritis, back aches, pulled muscles, sprains, post surgical incisions, cuts, wounds, back aches, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, neuropathy and more (use 1-3 times a day on pain areas)

• Treat acne in just 15 minutes twice a week with Blue light setting


1. Wash and clean face before use.

No products should be on the skin except for an optional peptide serum such as Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. The light therapy helps to drive the products under the skin.

For faster results, gently exfoliate the skin at least twice a week.


2. Plug in device and select the following setting:

-1st setting activates Red, Infrared, and Amber LED’s for skin rejuvenation and pain recovery.

Press power button once. Use for 8-15 minutes. Can be used twice a day but wait several hours in between. For pain management, can be used 3 times a day waiting several hours in between each treatment.

-2cd setting activates BLUE LEDs (ONLY) for acne treatment. Press power button twice and treat twice weekly for 15 min.

-3rd setting activates all four wavelengths for anti-aging, acne and pain management. Press power button three times and use 8-15 minutes 1-2 times a day. TO TURN OFF DEVICE, PRESS POWER BUTTON A FOURTH TIME.

3. Hold device very close (1/4″) from the skin.

4. The device will automatically turn off if the device exceeds desired temperature.

Between each 8-15 minute session, allow the device to cool for at least FIVE minutes.

5. Do not obstruct ventilation holes during operation.


Will the device cause UVB/UVB damage?

No. The LED’s do warm up but do not cause any UVB/UVA damage nor any damage to the eyes even without the goggles. NOTE: Keep eyes closed when using on the face. If you wear contacts, please remove before use.

Is the Red Light Therapy a laser?

The Red Light Therapy DPL- IIA is not a laser treatment which is why it’s safe for professional and home use. There is no pain involved, no surgery, no injections, no numbing, no harsh chemicals and no recovery time. It’s a holistic skin care treatment that can be done in the privacy of your home or in a professional office setting.

I have sensitive skin/rosacea. How long do I use the Red Light Therapy device?

If you have rosacea or sensitive skin start out with shorter times such as 3-8 minutes once a day.

Are there any precautions I should know about?

Do not use on cancerous lesions or moles. If you are pregnant, do not use the Red Light Therapy on the tummy. If you are on light sensitive medication, do not use red light during and up to 10 days after having taken the light sensitive medication, then you may resume. Light therapy is safe to use while wearing contacts.

What celebrity Dr.’s are saying about Anti-Aging Red Light Therapy

Dr. Perricone says light can actually increase the production of collagen in the skin and red light acts as an inflammatory. Blue light can repair skin problems as well. He explains that when an infrared light is placed near the skin for 15-20 minutes that light is absorbed by a cell called a fibroblast. The light stimulates these cells to produce more youthful collagen and elastin. Looking at a 2 month study using infrared light some incredible changes were found including thicker, plumper skin, pulling the skin up and pulling up the eyelids just like DMAE does. Lines went away and scars somewhat faded all from the activity of infrared light.


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